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The rechargeable Sebbo is pure light candy.

Erick and Sebastian team up to to create, develop, and manufacture the most technologically advanced light accessory available on the market. They’ve created a rechargeable battery powered wristband that combines super bright RGB LEDs with an open source Arduino compatible microprocessor packaged as a comfortable, lightweight, and portable wristband. Alongside a highly skilled team of designers and engineers, they have designed a custom circuit and enclosure from the ground up. At the same time, Erick and Sebastian have established relationships with manufacturers all over the world that are standing by to produce the initial batch. All the duo need now is a successful Kickstarter Campaign to generate enough pre-orders so they can meet the minimum manufacturing requirements to make that production viable.

“The drive behind the Sebbo is to design the most functional and aesthetically pleasing piece of light candy around,” says Erick. This is what drove him and Sebastian to develop the Sebbo as not just an an ordinary light-up object but one that looks good and feels good too.

“While lighting technology is advancing rapidly, current light accessories on the market are way behind and have not yet caught up with innovations in lighting tech,” says Sebastian. With the help of professional design firm TenX in Austin, TX the Sebbo incorporates the latest LED, battery, circuitry, and processor technologies into its design. Furthermore, while the Sebbo will come out of the box pre-programmed with various settings that are easy to navigate, many users will be excited at the ease in customization of the colors and patterns in order to make their Sebbo truly unique. The open source nature of the Sebbo will inspire a community where owners can exchange code snippets as well as provide support for novice programmers looking to make their own patterns. Festival goers, bike riders, night runners and light painters will be able to add a unique element to their experiences.

“We are also convinced that the Sebbo will have a favorable fashion appeal,” says Erick about the look of the finished bracelet. “Not that anyone is going to wear one with no intention of turning it on, but since you’re holding on to a light accessory at a music festival all day before you get to use it at night, the stylish factor is an added plus.” This is why the team spent countless hours working with industrial design firm D:E in Austin, TX to finalize a design that will be be appealing when the wristband is both on and off.

Erick and Sebastian have found many uses for the Sebbo during their 18 months developing and testing the wristband. For festival goers it is a great way to find a friend in a large crowd. “I remember one time at an electronic music festival where in a 30,000 person crowd littered with blinky lights and hula hoops I had no problem instantly spotting my friends after a bathroom break. And just last night my friend Jamil texted me saying the Sebbo helped him be super visible on the road while biking home late at night after leaving the bar,” says Erick. “There’s no doubt the Sebbo will get you noticed,” says Sebastian. In fact the Sebbo could be used in dance and theatrical applications as well. Imagine a breakdance crew with a Sebbo on each wrist and ankle.

Aside from wearing them, Sebbos are a beautiful light painting tool. The original color cycle pattern on the Sebbo makes for wonderful light art. “It is like a paintbrush that changes colors as you draw,” says Erick. And having the ability to completely customize the patterns and colors will offer infinite possibilities to light artists and long exposure photographers.

“This is only the beginning,” says Sebastian, alluding to future additions and enclosures for the custom Sebbo circuit. “Right now we need to get this thing off the ground and validate that others think it is as cool as we think it is before going further with the design,” says Erick, hoping to capture 1,000 pre-orders through the Kickstarter campaign enabling him to approach the factory for an initial production.

Erick and Sebastian also intend to make customization of the Sebbo’s colors and patterns easier if the Kickstarter Campaign succeeds above their expectations. “As it stands, if we reach our minimum goal we will have enough resources to manufacture the bracelet itself. If, however, we gain enough support to raise over $100,000 in the campaign we intend to develop an application for the user to be able to customize the appearance through a custom PC or Mac application eliminating the need to understand any programming”, says Erick.

In the end, the duo hopes people will be as fascinated with the bright and beautiful colors as they were the first time they switched on their original hand made prototype .

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